Why Women Make Natural Entrepreneurs

Some women are great inspirations in entrepreneurship - AZMO Marketing

I have been lucky enough to come from a parent who has ALWAYS been an entrepreneur.  Yes, at the beginning it was direct sales.  Mary Kay, in fact, she even had a pink Cadillac for a while if you can believe it.  But quickly my mother moved on from direct sales to owning a multitude of businesses including an in home daycare, a ceramic studio, a business selling her art, beautiful pieces she has sewn, and currently she operates an extremely successful real estate business.

I was lucky that my father provided a stable income that allowed my mother to work from home while we were young.  In this process, he showed me why women, in particular, are primed to become entrepreneurs.  

Women are a Different Beast… By Nature

We know that men and women are different by nature.  We have been taught this our entire lives.  Who here hasn’t heard “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”?  We all have.  While I haven’t read that exact book I have viewed with my own eyes how they act differently.  My father is an amazing man, he took care of us very well but he had a single career.  Much like many men, when he was working he was working.  He couldn’t easily focus on both how us as kids were behaving as well as anything else.  My mom, however, she could be dying her hair, keeping us busy with a craft, doing dishes and writing a schedule for the ceramics classes she taught all at the same time.  

This phenomenon is backed up by science too.  Testing the brainwaves and cognitive capabilities of women show that women process information at a much faster pace than men, and women can process more information at once.  Multitasking is a talent many women are just born with.

Women are much better at multitasking than men, on average - AZMO Marketing

As an entrepreneur myself I know how much we need to be everything for our business at the beginning.  We need to be accounts receivable, accounts payable, market researchers, implementers, we have to be our own cheerleader and coach not to mention the implementation of each and every aspect of our business.  Oh and let’s not forget salespeople.  We have to be the ultimate sales person.  Our brains, as women, are meant to handle this level of information.  We are meant to be able to start our businesses, grow our businesses, and take care of our home.  So my question is why are there so few women entrepreneurs?

Women in Business

Only 33.6% of businesses are women owned.  ⅓ of businesses in existence are owned by women.  Even though women are primed for ownership.  Even though women’s brains are powerhouses when it comes to management of complex processes.  Want to know a more surprising number?  Of these women owned businesses 89.5% have NO employees.  So most women owned businesses have operations done almost completely by the owner themselves! But I know from my almost daily conversations with women across many different industries, it is exhausting to do it all alone.  Yes, this speaks to the ability of women to conquer amazing odds but it also speaks to how we are keeping ourselves small.  While we are exhausted we stop ourselves from growing.  

2017 and Beyond for Women

Step into your zone of genius and creativity as a Woman Entrepreneur - AZMO Marketing

2017 has been a year of incredible growth for women in business, especially women who have previously been underrepresented.  I am talking about minorities and women in the tech and startup space.  Numbers are growing! Honestly, I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing influencers in this arena.  Women who are standing strong in their truth, women who are imploring us to roar loud enough to be heard such as Sophia Eng.  (See her manifesto for women in business.) Women like Alanya Kolberg, who work so tirelessly to show minority women that they can be powerhouse investors.  These success stories truly show how you can change your life and the world.  You don’t have to continue to believe you aren’t enough.  These women have shown me firsthand how important it is to step into your zone of genius with confidence.  

My challenge for you is to do the same.  Find your passion and your tribe and simply put, change the world.  You have everything you need to do that right now, even if it feels like you don’t.  Maybe that includes business ownership, but maybe it doesn’t.  Perhaps it is going back to college, or having the courage to quit a job you despise or making financial moves to set yourself up for retirement or goodness the possibilities are endless.  We would love to hear what you are currently working on or towards.  Leave a comment or shoot us a message.  

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