A Woman’s Journey to Purchasing

We have a misconception.  We believe that because we belong to a specific segment of our audience that we all think like them, so should easily be able to sell to them.  Here is the trick.  We are still so focused on selling to them.

A woman’s journey to purchasing is based on her internal emotions

What we need to do as entrepreneurs, no matter if you are a man or a woman, is the showcase and elicit the emotions we want the buyer to have when purchasing our products or services.  Every entrepreneur I know got into the business they are in because they were passionate about it.  Yes, we need to show our passion, tell our story, and sell our products but the “how” of selling our products needs to be well thought out and planned.

What Many Gurus Are Missing

So many of the gurus in the digital marketing space are missing out on that emotional piece.  They focus on showing your audience what their pain points are, and how your product solves those pain points.  They focus on telling you that you should tell your audience the real-life benefits of your products, not only what your product does.  Good points.  But the buck doesn’t stop there.

For women, unless they feel emotionally connected to the products they are not going to purchase them.  So the benefits of a product or service are great but how do those benefits translate to feelings?  Or Persuasive feelings even?  You can’t just say your client should feel happy after getting your product in the mail.

Coffee Mugs Make Me Joyful

For instance:  How many coffee mugs do you own?  If you are like me, the answer is WAY TOO MANY.  Why do I keep buying something I don’t really need?  Honestly, with three kids I am running the dishwasher every day so it is not as if I need more than one mug.  Maybe a travel mug and a home mug.  But instead, I have approximately 2.4 trillion mugs!  Because each one of them is associated with an emotion.  I have the mug my friend Bethany gave me or the one that has the quote “You Can Never Have Too Much Happy” or the one from my favorite boutique.  Each of my mugs brings me specific joy, laughter, and hope for my day.

Do that with YOUR service or product too.

How You Can Alter your Buyer’s Journey

I wanted my clients to focus more on emotional ties their clients and customers are going to feel than actual product benefits so I created a Buyer’s Journey Map.  It is pretty in depth and you can get your own by clicking that link.  In it, you’ll find that you will be less stressed and all over the place by keeping track of each of your assets, especially how they make your buyer feel.  I am always here to help as well so please contact me if you find yourself in a pickle.

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