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Both drive and power the internet

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Digital Marketing Starts with a Strategy

Statistics show that once you optimize your website and online presence for your marketing goals, your audience, engagement, and ROI will continue to grow.

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Digital Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of digital marketing and we know how to take charge of your online presence with proven strategies.


Social Media Marketing integrates with your current SEO and other marketing strategies to drive conversions through social media direct sales & advertising.


Search Engine Marketing is a way to reach your customers during moments and micro-moments in which they don’t have time to browse your site.


Online Reputation Management integrates with your digital marketing strategy to shape the image that your audience sees when they shop from or hire you.

Harness the Power of Raw Data and Use it to Your Advantage

  • Using Segmentation, we identify your target audience
  • Using Behavioral Data, we know when to target your audience
  • Remarketing Data targets past customers for ideal purchase decisions
  • Influencer data shows where your audience is engaging with content

Worldwide Impact

Believe it or not, the online search habits of real users around the world influence trends that impact search volume data. As One of the Internet’s best SEO & Digital Marketing Firms, we constantly monitor these trends to adapt marketing strategies around our clients, their industries, and of course, their customers.

If you’ve tried traditional marketing or simply don’t have time to run both your business and your marketing department, let the experts at AZMO Marketing help.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

frequently asked questions

Is SEO and Digital Marketing really necessary?

SEO is a full time job for a person or requires a whole team with several skills ranging from web development & content creation to marketing & social media. Unless you have at least one experienced full-time SEO in-house it is strongly advised to seek assistance from an SEO company or consultant.

How long does it typically take to start seeing results?

With an effective strategy and implementation, you can expect to see a direct turnaround in about 30 to 60 days.

What’s the minimum contract duration?

Typically we offer our packages on three-month terms, but go month-to-month thereafter. One-time charges have no contract: Ie: Initial SEO Cleanups are one-time charges.

What’s the price of an SEO Package?

SEO Packages start at $399 monthly.

What’s the price of an SMM Package?

SMM Packages start at $499 monthly.

What’s the Price of an SEM Package?

SEM Packages start at $399/monthly.

What’s the Price of an ORM Package?

ORM Packages start at $499/monthly.