What You Need Before Running a Facebook Ad

I can’t tell you the number of times I have jumped on a consultation with a new client or seen this question in a Facebook group…


“I want to start running Facebook ads because I know they work, but where do I start?”


I could go into all the tech pieces of gathering information on your current audience.  Then I would give you advice based on how much data you have.  I would ask questions like, how big is your audience?  How engaged are they?  Have you run ads before?  What’s your ad spend budget?


But there is a much simpler answer.


Build a lead magnet and test it out on your market.  


That is the absolute biggest problem with Facebook advertising right now.  People are driving traffic to an opt-in page for an untested lead magnet.  Most people I speak to have done some market research.  They have polled those most engaged, trolled Facebook groups, and come up with what THEY (the business owner) believes to be what his/her potential clients want.  


It is tricky though, you can’t stop market research at that point.  You have to actually develop the offer, and test it out in the market.  If you have a good conversion rate on your landing page, then you have a verifiable product.  You have something that people actually want.  


For most entrepreneurs, though, you will have to build several lead magnets before you find one that works in your market.  There is a huge silver lining in this though, each time you create a lead magnet and test it in an organic environment you are building your audience.  You are still making major gains in building an engaged following using social media.  


I had one client who had such a devoted audience that everything she put out was gold.  She didn’t build that overnight though.  She built it through time and patience.  I can tell you she created a few dud lead magnets before landing on ones that her audience wanted to download.  


If you are just getting started with building your lead magnet, I strongly suggest you visit this website if you are a course creator to get some more ideas on what you could put in your lead magnet.


Also, make sure that you have installed your pixel!  Don’t know what a Facebook pixel is?  Check out my blog about why you need to make sure that yours is installed immediately.  

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