Meet the AZMO Marketing Team

Meet the Entire AZMO Marketing Team!

By now I’d like to think that you know us, or at least know a little bit about us and what we do here at AZMO Marketing. But have you met the entire team and do you know just how they contribute to the rest of the AZMO Marketing workload?

Dustin Mahurin, Co-Founder

I wanted to help create AZMO Marketing for a few different reasons. Firstly, from the ground up I built the Search Engine Optimization department of a web design and marketing firm located in downtown Chandler, AZ in which I not only learned all there was to know about established SEO practices, but I was able to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up on trends and ensuring that our existing clients stayed on top of the Google SERPs, or “Search Engine Response Pages.”

Dustin Mahurin is a Co-Founder of AZMO Marketing

In my tenure there as the Director of SEO & Content Development, I handled new contracts, human resources, daily workflow, and also experimented in new digital marketing strategies that incorporated various parts of search engine optimization with other facets of digital marketing such as social media marketing, paid search engine marketing (PPC Advertising, Google AdWords), and heavy emphasis on content marketing.

These days I tend to focus on running our business, reaching out to new, current, and potential clients, and also doing the bulk of our SEO tasks insofar as they relate to our and/or our clients’ unique needs.

Darcy Boehme, Co-Founder

Darcy Boehme brings a unique vision to the AZMO Marketing team with her various experiences as a business owner, digital marketer, virtual assistant, and online course creator. She has owned and operated several online businesses in the past such as Social Impact Advertising, Darcy Bee Virtual Assistance, and a handful of product sales businesses, both digitally and physically.

Darcy Boehme, Co-Founder of AZMO Marketing

Having a uniquely focused skill set based on Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management, Darcy excels at creating sales funnels, User-Interface (UI) improvements, engaging blog, video, or social media content for us and/or clients, and effectively growing and promoting to the audiences of both our clients and ourselves.

Anymore you’ll find her hard at work on her laptop, discussing strategy with clients, or creating breathtaking content for the unique needs of our clients and ourselves.

Michael Fuchs, Certified Google Partner

Michael Fuchs, SEM Specialist & Google Partner for AZMO MarketingMichael Fuchs began toying around with Google AdWords and learning Google’s Search Console as a hobby in early 2016. As an avid internet user and privacy/security advocate, he had an undying need to understand more about the back end of Google, and everyone here at AZMO Marketing is better of because of it. He consistently stays up on search trends and new information surrounding Search Engine Marketing & SEO.

You’ll see Michael (prefers to be called Mike) perusing the Google AdWords data for our clients and ourselves, offering insight upon how better to optimize our campaigns through Google AdWords & Bing Ads, and writing blog posts about SEO to demonstrate not just his learned knowledge, but also to educate our clients and audience on a very difficult subject for beginners.

Kyle Harms, Graphic Design

Kyle Harms, Graphic Designer for AZMO Marketing

Kyle Harms has been an expert in Graphic Design for a screen printing company for over five years. His photoshop skills are relatively unmatched. He can put together some web designs, product designs, or edit photos to your specifications.

You’ll find Kyle completing new Instagram content for ourselves and our clients, creating and editing logos for clients, and also enjoying being newly married by spending time with his wife and step-daughter.

Amanda Nowland, Content Specialist

Amanda Nowland, Content Specialist for AZMO Marketing

Amanda Nowland and Dustin Mahurin have known one another since grade-school. Amanda has written a plethora of content for past and present clients, and she also is well known for coming to clients with unique ideas designed to help captivate the audiences of our clients as well as drive audience engagement to convert possible sales, sign ups, and similarly other calls-to-action.

Amanda can be found in the evenings tending to her household consisting of her fiance and her two children.

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