Marketing Kit: What You Need To Have

Recently AZMO Marketing was asked to complete a marketing kit for a newer business.  She already has a steady stream of customers but wants to reach out to larger corporations in an effort to expand her business into new markets.  We were completely on board for this project and would highly recommend doing this for your own business in a way that best fits your model.  

We knew her marketing kit needed to be well thought out including her branding, pictures of her product and more importantly the experience her product provides, and market research to properly address the needs of these organizations.  This marketing kit is going to be sent to cold clients in an email or direct mail to point out a problem they likely know they have, introduce the business as a solution to that problem, and firmly inform them of the benefits they will receive by using her business over anyone else.  This can be a great way to move into a new market as well as a more robust method of conveying your services to those who inquire about them.

What you need to have for an effective marketing kit

Gypsy Cup, a traveling café, already had a jaw dropping branded photoshoot which gave us a lot of inspiration.  However, we still needed some key components to make sure we created a perfect marketing kit.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of the information you would need to create your own unique marketing kit.  

  1. All branded materials – you can’t leave home without this one that is why it is #1 on the list.  This includes colors, fonts, messaging, positioning, and anything else included in your branding.  Honestly, this should already be done before you are creating marketing kits to spread.  If you are looking for a great branding service check out Amanda Scholfield.  We have worked with her before and she can create something amazing for any size business and their needs.
  2. An introduction to yourself / the business – Women are sold because of a story.  Even women in corporations are captivated by storylines.  Provide yours, succinctly, but brilliantly to ensure your marketing kit pops.  
  3. Your mission statement – It doesn’t need to be overtly written into the marketing kit but should be included.  
  4. Testimonials – Including these as part of the benefits page(s) will serve as social proof.  If you are sending this online and can embed a video then try that.  Video always speaks more powerfully than written word.
  5. FAQs – There will be questions.  You’ve probably already fielded a number of them.  If you haven’t, write them down next time to you are talking to a potential client so you can include those questions on your new FAQ section.  
  6. List of notable clients, events, etc – Providing more social proof is always beneficial.  Show them you are professional based on the work they have already seen but may not have known was yours.  
  7. Services offered – You may want to create different marketing kits for different services but you should be telling those reading your kit what you are offering, otherwise, they will leave confused.  The more specific the better for this type of marketing.  Remember to focus on benefits above skills, though.  
  8. Packages and rates – There is a lot of debate about if you should include package rates or not.  I have a firm belief that if you know your market, your product/service is of high quality, and you have done price comparison research then the price will not scare away your ideal consumers.  If the price is highly customizable write “starting at $xx depending on needs” or another variation that is appropriate for your business.  Don’t be afraid to share your price.  It also shows that you are confident in your service and offerings. 
  9. Market research – This is the part that holds many people back but you should have firm market research done in order to successfully create a marketing kit.  What are the actual problems, what are the needs of your target market, and how do you solve those needs specifically.  AZMO Marketing usually takes on the role of finding this information out to ease the burden for clients and keep the project moving forward.  If you need help with this aspect please reach out to us to see how we can be of assistance. 
  10. Process & contact information – This is important.  If they are ready to move forward or want more information how do they contact you and what does that process look like.  Are you going to pitch them further or just give them a quote?  Are there certain qualifications for working with you?  It is just a point and click ordering system?  Give this to them so they don’t have to look for it.  

These are the major aspects of a marketing kit when we put them together.  Of course, the order in which they are presented slightly varies from one client to the next but we have found a great system that works well.  If you are in need of a new digital asset to add to your marketing campaigns contact us today to get started on your marketing kit.  You provide us with some of the information above, we work with you to get the rest then you are presented with a beautiful 5-10 page pdf to send to your target market.  This is an extremely budget friendly way to get started marketing your business and you can keep it for years without many edits.  We look forward to hearing about what you are working on and talking to you about if a marketing kit can help scale up your business.  

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