My Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming a necessary skill in today’s workplace, and in the continually growing technology sector as more and more aspects of our lives become integrated into the World Wide Web.  As regular brick and mortar stores continue to close down, and as consumers switch to e-commerce and online shopping. Being able to accurately and efficiently use SEO can be the difference between having your company break even for a month or two.  Or, having your company is the fastest growing entity in your region and becoming a real player in whatever industry you are a part of.

On an average day I would say that I use the Google search engine at least a half dozen times whether it’s for looking up some information about a breaking news story, the price of a movie ticket and times for a date later in the week, or sometimes to find the right answer to a very important question. For example, “What am I eating tonight?”

  • Pizza866,000,000 results
  • Pizza near me: 149,000,000 results
  • Pizza near me delivery: 68,200,000 results

As one would expect with that many results, there is information that I do not need popping up that is mixed with information I do need. No one could argue that there are over 60 million places near me that deliver pizza. However, when I search this, I am not going through more than the first page of results. What I am instead basing my decision off of, is something that I had no choice in the matter to begin with anyway. I am basing my entire decision off of how well someone designed their Ad, the amount budgeted for their ad, time of day I search, the area I am in while searching, and the exact wording I put into the search bar. When I search pizza, one could expect to see the familiar staples of the industry. Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa Johns, and in my area, Imos (The best pizza in the country.) Those ads that pop up, in their iconic faded yellow shaded box are the result of a complex and extremely lucrative system that’s entire purpose is to get me to give them my business.

This might sound slightly Orwellian, or like a bad Wachowski fan fic, but in the coming weeks and months. I ask that if you are interested, you come back and learn about my journey into the world of SEO, from a complete novice with no background in the field at all, to being certified in Google AdWords, and an active employee of one of the newest SEO & digital marketing companies in the Midwest region. Hope you all enjoyed this introduction, and together we can try to better ourselves and the Internet we all use.


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