Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting (Includes Infographic)

We all know how important Facebook ads are to scaling up your business and creating complete automation.  The question we receive most often is “What do I target for Facebook ads”.  Completely fair question.  Should you target all the major players and influencers in your industry?  Should you target someone else?  Your audience is complex, targeting one aspect in particular won’t work, but how do you know what is working and what isn’t?  

Great questions.  I love seeing business owners take Facebook ad targeting seriously.  We should start at the beginning.  Here I want to explain the different options you have in targeting a cold audience. If you know me, you know I think the fortune is in retargeting those who already know and like you BUT you have to start somewhere.  (To see what you absolutely need to do before running your first Facebook ad, check out our post here.)

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Complete Targeting Infographic for Facebook Advertising - AZMO Marketing


A Little More Detail about Facebook Ad Targeting

Location: You can easily target users based on their “home” zip code, their current zip code or a zip code they are planning a trip to. This level of data that is reported by Facebook is incredibly accurate and valuable.  Imagine if you own a brick and mortar store!  How nice would it be to target those who live close?

Demographics:  You have your ideal audience created so you know who you are trying to appeal to.  Are your targeting men, women both?  What about homeowners?  I know for construction services it is vital that they own their home or own homes as rental properties.  

Behaviors: This metric comes from their online activities.  Ever wonder why after going to Walmart (either online or in person) you see an ad for Walmart in your newsfeed?  What about those times when you mention to your friend a new restaurant you want to try then immediately see an advertisement for it on your phone?  Facebook is tracking that data and allowing advertisers to tap into it.  

Interests: Similar to behaviors, this metric uses both online activities and then makes assumptions about other subjects that you may be interested in.  This is also where you would target those who like leaders in your industry.  

Life Events:  This is one of my favorite metrics.  Here you can target something that has just happened or may be coming up in their lives.  Have a birthday soon?  Here let me show you ads for birthday cakes.  This one always gets me because I simply love cake… especially the ice cream variety.  

The exact combination you want to use and how to use it is more complicated than just randomly choosing what you think would work.  There is lots of thought and testing that needs to happen in order to be sure your cold audience is on point but this allows you to start thinking more deeply about Facebook ad targeting.  


If you’re thinking about getting started with Facebook advertising, contact us today for a free consultation to find out where you should begin for your product, service, or business.

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