What is a Pixel and Why Do I need One?

A Pixel is a term Facebook uses for their specific tracking.  Facebook uses it to see who EXACTLY has been on your website or other online sites (leadpages, clickfunnels, etc).


Facebook doesn’t give you much data about those that have been on your website.  You can’t find out names, specific locations, or really much else on any specific person BUT Facebook does have that data.  


How do I know they have that data?  Because you can leverage it within Facebook.  *If you are a little creeped out at the moment, good.  This is intense tracking information.  


Facebook attaches a little tick mark, or tracking device, to the IP address of the person who has visited your website.  From that specific IP address, Facebook gathers information regarding their online behavior.  So if they visit a lot of websites geared toward people who rebuild engines, Facebook is going to know.  If they have visited website related to purchasing a new vehicle, Facebook is going to know.  Do you do it online?  Facebook knows about it.  Yes, seriously.  


Why do you need a Pixel? To leverage the information Facebook is already collecting.  


Without a pixel on your website, landing page, sales page, course platform or any other sites then you won’t be able to collect all the nitty gritty details about who is ACTUALLY visiting your website.  Not just who your target audience is, but who is responding to your product or service.  Plus it isn’t about who is responding in general but also HOW they are responding!  Isn’t that great!  


So be sure that one of the first things you do is to install that Facebook Pixel on your website!  You may not want to get into using that information right away but you can start gathering it.  

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