Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business IS scary!  Start to think about it, you have to figure out a business plan, what is your branding…hell what even is branding, how do you get clients/customers, how to scale up, what about a location to either work or sell your goods.  This is starting to sound more like a hustle than an option to for sustainable income.  Maybe you should just get a 9 to 5 job.  I promise you every entrepreneur, no matter how successful thinks about these things often.  How much easier would it be to just let your boss tell you what to do instead of actually working hard to be the boss.  So in this up and down roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur I have found that Facebook groups are incredibly supportive.  

There are 5 Facebook groups that seem to rise above the rest in terms of free resources and a friendly, inviting community.  

Find the best groups free on Facebook for entrepreneurs.

#1 – The NEW Screw the Nine to Five Community – absolutely one of my favorite groups.  The knowledge base in this community would blow you away.  There may be less than 10,000 people but I promise each and everyone is an expert in their field.  Hang out there, interact, but no promo allowed just as a heads up.  Let me know you’ve joined when you get there!  

#2 – Facebook Ad Hacks – as an expert in Facebook advertising I need to stay in touch with the rapidly changing platform.  There is no better place to do it than Cat Howell’s Facebook Ad Hacks group.  The who’s who of Facebook advertisers are in there.  Major league players giving you advice about campaigns and targeting, it is seriously a social media advertiser’s wet dream.  Everyone I know in the group has done nothing but praise it for how genuine and valuable it is.  

#3 – Course Creator’s Community – this is a niche specific community but if you are actively looking for a way to increase your income in a relatively passive manner then this is the place for you.  Again, you have wonderful people here who want to genuinely help.  Very few (if any) promotional posts, just real questions and answers to problems you may not have now but will likely if you decide to ever create an online course.  

#4 – Leadpages Community (Official) – I, personally, love the official groups because when things begin to glitch there is usually help available quickly before it turns into a rant-fest.  Leadpages is my go to for creating simple easy to use landing pages.  They are super affordable too.  

#5 – Ignitionarmy – This last group is growing and the person who manages it with her expertise teaches me new things each and every time I speak to her.  The main focus is how to get your sales funnel up and running but she has a lot of resources in there as well.  The benefit of joining a smaller group is that it is almost like getting a 1:1 coaching session right in the group since she is so active.  This group will continue to grow exponentially as time goes on…. Oh and just a head’s up that Lynne can be a little crass.  You’ve been warned.  

These are just my top 5 groups.  If you have more please go over to our Facebook page and share your resources right there.  And if you are looking for more resources check out our post “So You Want to Start an Online Business, eh?” for places to get hosting, etc.  

**Just so you know, yes there are affiliate links in this post.  And yes we make a pretty small commission for recommending them BUT we ONLY recommend products we actually use!**

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